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Aerospace Industry

Aerospace Industry & Advanced Technology

Aviation & Space Market - AirPower & Disruptive Technologies

Aerospace Industry - Industria Aeroespacial

Tecno AERO

Aerospace Technology
(R+D+i) Research, Development & Innovation Centre, Aerospace Science & Knowledge, Advanced & Disruptive Technologies, New Capabilities Development, (NDT) Non Destructive Test & Flight Testing, Aviation Certification Process & Approval Process: Type Certificates & STC, Aircrafts, Aerostructure, Avionics, Propulsion, New Energies & Fuels, Systems Integration; ICT & Software Development, Multi Domain Data Link System & Georeferenced Systems.


Aerospace Industry & Production
Aerospace Industrial Production, Production Organization Approvals (POA), Aero Structures, Propulsion, Avionics, COMM Radio, Automation and Robotization of Production Lines, Final Assembly Lines, Co-Production Projects, Licensed Production and Projects for the creation of New Factories of aerospace products, industrial cooperation. EOM suppliers, supplier replacement, strengthening the supply logistics chain, Logistics Blockchain & IT Systems.

Reparación y Mantenimiento

Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul
Aircrafts Maintenance Capabilities, MRO Aviation Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul Services, Turn Key Projects, Aircrafts Conversion, Continuing Airworthiness, Technical Support, Suppliers, Integrated Logistics System Supply (ILS-S)

CNS-ATM Systems & Solutions

Aeronautical Telecommunications, Air Navigation & Radio AIDs, Surveillance & Radar Sensing, ATM: Air Traffic Management & Services, ARO-AIS: Information Services, Next Generation Air Transportation System & National Airspace System, Aeronautical Meteorology, Ground Support & Facilities


Aeronautical Infrastructure, Aerodrome: Design & Operations, Airfields, Airports & Heliports, FBOs, Military Airbases & Space Ports, EPCOM (EPC + Operation & Maintenance), Airport Concession & Management, Facilities & Installations, ARO-AIS, Environment & Sustainable Development, Zero Waste Solutions for Aviation Transboundary Movements of Hazardous Wastes.

Aerospace COMPLEX

Exporter Aerospace Complex; Industrial Airport; Aerospace Design Centers, Aeronautical and Space Industries, OEMs, Avionics, Propulsion, Aeronautical Structures, Energies, Automation, MRO & OMA, Export Logistics Platform and Multimodal Transport, Special Customs Zone, Aerospace Free Zones, Aerospace Education Center, Zero Waste Solution

Servicios Aéreos Comerciales & Operaciones Aéreas

Air Transport Services

Passenger Airlines Companies & Services, Air Cargo Transport & Air Freight, Developing & Deploying New Airline Routes, Air Medical Services

Business Aviation & General Aviation

Business Aviation, Air TAXI, FBO's Development & Management, General Aviation & Private Aviation, Recreational Aircraft, Air Sports & Expo Events

Aerial Work Activities

Operators: Agriculture Aviation, Aerial Fire Fighting, Oil Spill Response, Weather Modification, Airborne Sensing Aircraft, Aerial Advertisement, Banner Towing, Maritime Surveillance, Fishery Aerial Control, Flight Check & Inspection , Off-Shore Activities, Aerial Photo & Films, Aero Photography, Aerial Magnetometry, Geophysical Prospection, Seismic

Special Air Services

EMERSAR: Emergency & Risk Management, Aerial Response Services, CIMIC Solutions, Off-Shore Activities, Helicopter Global Services: Aerial Support to Mining Industry: Exploration and mining exploitation, geological and geophysical aerial servicies, topography and physically recognize of the field, Aero Photography, Aerial Magnetometry, Geophysical Prospection, Seismic.


Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) – sometimes referred to as Drones – are aircraft without a human pilot onboard. Instead, UAS are remotely piloted by a controller on the ground and, in some cases, may have autonomous capabilities. - [ UAM ] Urban Air Mobility, Projects -

Air Power & Space Activities

Poder Aéreo & Actividades Espaciales

Flight Crew & Training

Aviation Personnel: Aerospace Education, Aviation Flight Training School, Aeronautics/Aviation/Aerospace Science and Technology Degrees, Aerospace University Academy, Flight Simulator Training Centre, Human Resources (HR): Pilots, Cabin Crew, Engineering & Ground Support, Aviation Recruitment

Air Power & Airspace Defense

Air POWER: Public Policies & Strategy, Air & Missile Defense Capabilities, Advanced Weapons Systems, Operation & Advanced Training, Air Aggressors Services, Air Mobility & Cargo, Cooperation & Negotiation, Defense & Security Production Systems, Acquisition, ITAR, FMS Programs & OFFSET, Logistic & Mission Support, C4 - ISTAR - Multi Domain, CyberDefense, CIMIC

Space Systems & Activities

SPACE Technology, Systems & CapabilitiesSatellites, Spacecrafts, Rocket Launch & Mission Control, Quantum Space Communication & Quantum Cryptography Protocols, Space Services & Space Business Earth observation, meteorology, navigation, space colonization, planetary exploration, and transportation of humans and cargo

Global Industry Solutions

Strategy & Business Development

International Cooperation & Negotiation, Strategy & Global Business Development, Governance & Public Policies, Technological & Economic Development Zones, Open New Markets Development, Events & Expositions, Export Promotion, Press & Diffusion, Multimedia Actions

Economic Development Solutions

Capital & Investment

Business & Investment, Productive Promotion, Financial Services, Investment Banking, Economic Development, COMEX: Financing & Insurance, Asset Managment Services, Private Capital Solutions, EXIMBANKs Services, New FINTECH Companies Development, FOREX.

Professional Servicies

Global Trade Link

Global TRADE LINK, Sales & COMEX: Strategy, Global Business, Marketing Plans, Multimodal Transport, Logistics & Delivery Services, Promotion & Diffusion, Manufacturers & Importers Directory Wholesale Suppliers