Airports Business


Aerospace Industry & Advanced Technology

Aviation & Space Market - AirPower & Disruptive Technologies


Design & Construction, Runways, Platforms, TAXI Ways, Passengers Terminal, Cargo Terminal, Control Tower Building, Obstacles, Ground Support Services, etc. certified carbon neutral

Airport Concession & Management

Contratos de Concesión y Gerenciamiento
Concession Contracts & Airport Management, Strategy & Planning, Capital & Investors, Public Polices & International Tender, Audits & Controller Services

Environmental Protection

Ecología, Ambiente y Desarrollo Sostenible
Ecological & Environmental Technologies for Sustainable Development Goals, Zero Waste Programs, Airport Waste Plants & Final Disposal, Water, Noise & Air Quality, CO2 Reduction in Aviation, Environmental Remediation, Certified Carbon Neutral

Aerodrome Operations (ARO)

Operaciones de Aeródromos
Airport Reservation Office (ARO) Aerodrome Operations: Forecast, Flight Plan, AIS, Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF), Medical Services

Aeronautical Information Services (AIS)

Servicios de Información Aeronáutica
Aeronautical Information Services (AIS), Flight Plan Office, Aeronautical Chats, AIP, etc.

Aviation Security (AVSEC)

Seguridad Aeroportuaria

CNS Equipment & Systems

Communication, Navigation & Surveillance: Aeronautical Telecommunications, Air Navigation & Radio AIDs, Visual AIDs, Surveillance & Radar Sensing

ATM - Air Traffic Management

ATM: Air Traffic Management, ATS: Air Traffic Services, ATFM: Air Traffic Flow Management, ASM: Airspace Management


Cooperation & Facilities, Landing at customs airport, Entry and clearance regulations, Prevention of spread of diseases, Facilitation of formalities, Customs and immigration procedures, Customs duty, Documents carried in aircraft, Cargo restrictions, Adoption of international standards and procedures, Departures from international standards and procedures